Projekt Possible
Episode 8

Almost 10000 Hours - Approaching (Squat) Mastery with Rhaea and Ryan Stinn

Brendon Kozack published on

Want to squat all of the plates? (More plates more dates? Maybe that was the secret to Ryan finally winning over Rhaea's heart!) This episode will tell you exactly how to get maximum strength gainz.  From recovery to mindset, cueing to bracing, programming to training - we talk about it all with the man who has squatted the heaviest weight in Canadian history and a woman who has squatted an unofficial world record (Ryan and Rhaea Stinn, most respectively). This power couple has been around the sport of powerlifting for years and share their advice on squats, strength, and business.  Ryan (nicknamed Stinndler) is the creator of the Stinn System program and shares the story of its inception after injury and (what he says was) a poor performance at a world meet. Rhaea tells us what it takes to overcome a femur break after a car accident and get back on top of the podium - she also shares some of the wildest things she has seen at a powerlifting meet (ever seen a nose bleed during a squat or a loss of other bodily fluids?  It can get pretty crazy!). Listen now to learn how you can squat a house.

Steal Ryan's program (it's free...) at  Purchase their products (and receive possibly the best customer service in the industry) at  Follow them both on Instagram: @rhaeastinn@stinndler@innerstrengthproducts.

Listen now - heavier squats demand it!

Projekt Possible - Almost 10000 Hours - Approaching (Squat) Mastery with Rhaea and Ryan Stinn
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