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Episode 49

Episode 49: On Gambling, Getting out of Debt, and Growing your Business with Danny Lehr

Brendon Kozack published on

Since he brought so much energy the first time he was on the show, we invited Danny Lehr to sit down and have coffee with us again. In case you missed it on Episode 14: "Take Action to Make Shit Happen", he is the co-founder and owner of Caffeine and Kilos and CrossFit Excel, and also the creator of The Lifting Fix. As you can imagine, with many businesses come many numbers and this caffeine loving weightlifter found an unlikely passion for calculating more than just the amount of weight on a barbell. Previously a teacher, he went through a steep learning curve when he took on the role of CFO with C&K, and he is the perfect person to chat with about how to avoid hard lessons when growing your business or personal bank account.

Get a pen ready and tune in to hear Danny's advice on all things money including how to gamble, get out of debt, and grow your business and personal bank accounts.

Be sure to follow Caffeine and Kilos, The Lifting Fix, and Danny on Instagram @caffeineandkilos, @theliftingfix, and @danny_lehr. Snapchat: DannyLehr and caffeinekilos. And check out these websites:

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