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Episode 52

Episode 52: Lisbeth Darsh on Barbells, Blogs, and Barmaid Costumes

Brendon Kozack published on

Episode 52 with writer and past affiliate owner, Lisbeth Darsh, will make you laugh and leave you inspired that with a little hard work and consistency you can achieve any and all of your goals. Lisbeth is the author of five books, a blogger for herself and Eat to Perform, and previous CrossFit employee. Just when we thought the boys from Barbell Shrugged were the best at relating anything to training, this blogger takes the metaphors to an entirely new level by poetically relating the struggles and victories in life to moving a barbell. We’d recommend this episode for anyone who feels pressure to choose between two things they love (for Lisbeth it was writing and being a trainer) to learn how you can mold them together to create your own beautiful field of mastery. We’d also suggest this show for anyone starting a fitness journey later in life, anyone who feels like no matter what they achieve it isn’t good enough, anyone who wants to enjoy the little things in life more, or anyone looking for a good laugh.

Basically, if you’re human, press play now and prepare to be motivated.

You can check out Lisbeth on Instagram and Facebook: @lisbethdarsh and Lisbeth Darsh. Her books are available on Amazon, and you can find her blogs at and

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