Projekt Possible
Episode 28

You're Never Really Ready with Brendon Kozack and Brittney Bergen

Brendon Kozack published on

What are the things bouncing around in your head to complete the sentence, "Someday I'd love to..."? Well guess what, sisters and brothers, there's no better someday than today! Brendon shares his background - how he was tossed into a leadership position with the Canadian Armed Forces at the age of 18, and how he opened a gym with a dream of lifting weights all day but managed to learn as much through the process as some of his friends with degrees in kinesiology and business claim to know. Brittney tells of her struggles with feeling credible enough to be a podcast host, nutrition coach, and competitive athlete. Wanting to sign up for a competition but feel like you need to do months of training first? Avoiding launching a business because you feel like you don't know enough? Scared to ask the apple of your eye out on a date? Brendon and Brittney just might have the words you need to hear to figure out whether or not the time is NOW for you and that opportunity to shake hands.

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Projekt Possible - You're Never Really Ready with Brendon Kozack and Brittney Bergen
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