Property to Profits Podcast & Vlog
Episode 7

Buying Off-the-Plan

Joel Limcangco published on

In this episode, Matthew, Greg, and Ray talks about the lessons they’ve learned from both the happy and not-so-happy experiences they’ve had with buying off-the-plan properties.

Find out what particular circumstances buying off-the-plan can be a good thing for you. Learn how you can be in control of a sales situation by understanding how expert sellers can make you want to buy an off-the-plan property.

Listen to the three amigos as they discuss some interesting schemes in the property market that developers use to market their properties such as buying off-the-plan, rent-to-own, vendor financing, and house and land package opportunities.

Learn what to expect from developers when buying-off-the plan or house and land packages, and how you can save yourself from making huge mistakes as a property investor.


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