Property to Profits Podcast & Vlog
Episode 1

Foundations of a Property Business

Joel Limcangco published on

In this very first episode of the Property to Profits Podcast & Vlog, the three amigos, Greg Dixon, Ray Jourdan, and Matthew Brown, discuss the foundations that are needed by anyone who wants to become a property investor.

The three wealth and property experts, combined their years of experience to become the country’s most capable property business mentors.

In this episode, Greg reveals the foundations that he formulated and taught while mentoring successful property investors. Matt and Ray explore with him the underlying drivers and mindset that are needed by anyone to sustain a successful career in the property business.    

Enjoy this very informative and entertaining episode as the lads exchange brilliant insights and philosophies that are needed to create a business success mindset while sharing some laughs and just having a great time.

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