Property to Profits Podcast & Vlog
Episode 2

How to Find Good Investment Properties

Joel Limcangco published on

In this second episode of The Property To Profits Podcast & Vlog, the three amigos, Matthew Brown, Greg Dixon and Ray Jourdan reveal their secrets on how to find good investment properties.

Everyone who wants to be a property investor asks: Where do I start?  The three lads take turns in sharing their own property investment experiences, the roadblocks they have encountered and how they overcome these problems to become the successful property investors that they are now.

Learn about the tools that can use to help you with finding the perfect property. Discover how you can surround yourself with the people who have the right skills that you need in order to acquire the investment property that you want. Hear out some interesting ways to overcome procrastination. Find out how to formulate the perfect work-life balance so you can remain focused on your work goals and continue to be happy with your personal life at the same time.

Enjoy this lively encounter with the three amigos and be inspired to take your first baby steps toward success.

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