Purposeful Story Podcast

#3 - The Legal Swipe Story: Christien Levien takes his many life experiences and develops an app that changes the way we think about the law.

Kobi Amponsah published on

Christien Levien has made a powerful impact in a very simple way. He created an app that educates the public on how to deal with cops when being questioned, asked for ID, performing a search, or entering your home. In todays society it is hard to ignore some of the unfair treatment by law enforcement, which makes this app a game changer! You won't want to miss this one very informative and at the same time inspiring with a purpose! Connect with Christien on www.legalswipe.comwww.http://www.levienlaw.com. Continue to follow the purposeful story journey on www.iamkobi.com and www.instagram.com/iamkobitalks  

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