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Episode 8

RCP Reviews - Power Rangers: Megaforce 2012 teaser trailer

Rather Odd Ranger published on

HQ Re-release of an episode 141, which was originally released back in 2012 on podomatic.

Podomatic notes:
If you say 'Megaforce' to your dad he'll probably think this:

That's not we're talking about, instead myself and StaticRift were originally going to do a mini episode and then it became ... this ...
Just follow the links if your confused.

Links -
Megaforce cast confirmed:

Power Rangers Megaforce Promo:

Rangercrew Twitter:

All credit to goes to Fury Diamond, Samuraicast and the members of Rangercrew who posted on twitter whilst at PMC3.

Amendment (because I'll admit we were wrong):
- The PMC3 teaser was a completely seperate version from the Licensing Expo version.
- PMC3 was held in California and not New York. I mis-read a comment on twitter.
- O92 (the new admin/head of RangerCrew) did all of the live tweets at PMC3. Fury Diamond focused on the filming of panels, encoding/uploading and blogging the coverage.

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