Real Rover
Episode 21

The Zealous entrepreneur Harry Kosato

John Craig published on

So welcome to.. the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way Serendipidy is defined thus in the dictionary but we do not often connect it to wheeling and dealing in multiple businesses in multiple countries and in multiple languages do we? Meet a true blue entrepreneur who goes by his nickname Harry but whose Japanese name is Hakuei Kosato. Just during this in person interview he fended calls from Mumbai and Hong Hong in connection with the Great British Week in Tokyo's chic Roppongi-an event he invented like so many others to bring something unique into form and very importantly to 'pay the bills' doing it... something his mentor Richard Branson taught him. On his way to London from Kobe via his Tokyo office I caught this effervescent man for long enough to receive a byte of his substantial knowledge about what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. Packed with enlightening hints about how to stop doing what you do NOT want to do and get on with what you do want to do, Harry is truly one of a kind. And he is kind too. A man who logs yearly distances on flights almost equivalent to the distance to our moon he transcends nation, ideology and quick fix business jargon and delivers some meaty advice on selling sushi in Mumbai! His Japanese profile is here and an English article on him here.

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