Relevate Presents: Scholars Ship
Episode 7

Friends, Live with Dr. Kale Monk

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So no one told us live was going to be this way *cue claps*. Join us for our very first live podcast talking about Friends with Dr. Kale Monk. We talk about the on again off again relationship of Ross and Rachel with some love for Monica and Chandler thrown in.

  • 0:00 – 7:50 Introductions to Friends and Dr. Kale Monk
  • 7:51 – 25:45 Ross and Rachel’s first attempt at a relationship
  • 25:46 – 31:21 The Beach House (Almost) Reconciliation
  • 31:22 – 36:45 Monica and Chandler
  • 36:46 – 45:38 I Ross take thee Rachel…
  • 45:39 – 52:05 Ross and Rachel get together in the end
  • 52:06 – 1:08:39 Wrapping up
Relevate Presents: Scholars Ship - Friends, Live with Dr. Kale Monk
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