In 1997, Kishimoto Masashi published the pilot chapter for his manga, Naruto, in the popular Shueisha publication Weekly Shonen Jump. Half a decade later, the manga had become a staple of the magazine, and storied animation studio, Studio Pierrot, began assembling the anime adaptation of that work - an adaptation that would aid in the rise of Anime's now sky-high appeal among young people around the world. Almost two decades after Naruto began, a good decade after the original run of the series ended, and something like four years after Naruto: Shippuden, the followup series, reached its conclusion, we decided to figure out what the hell we'd been missing out on this entire time. Every Monday, watching eight to sixteen episodes a week, we tackle this vast and sprawling series, to which we have barely any connection or foreknowledge, in an attempt to challenge our own preconceptions fostered by a decade of memes and bizarre internet posts involving violence towards Hinata.

We're idiots. We get things wrong. We can barely wake up each morning. But we're loving doing this, honest and truly. We try to approach this with no malice or indictment towards Kishimoto or his work (although the emphasis is on 'try,' as we're only human). We hope you have fun listening to us bumble through this entire affair, and encourage you to join us, if you have as much free time as we do.

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