Sharingan With The Wind
Episode 4

Episode 4: How the Grinch Stole my Will to Audio Edit (episodes 49-56)

Fearghal Casey published on

In which jokes are made that I regret but don't think would be fair to remove. The next episodes we're watching are numbers 57 to 66.


Show notes:

1. The Leaf chunin who dies at the hands of the Sand Ninja is named Gekko Hayate.

2. I personally still don't find AIDS jokes funny but I thought editing it out would be dishonest.

3. The Dragon Ball Z pillar area was from the Nappa and Vegeta arc, not the Android Saga.

4. This microphone can pick up washing machines from sixty feet away, I don't even fucking know.

5. It's not pronounced 'tchasm' but I intend to pronounce it like they do from now on.

6. My intent was to contrast the Jiraya-Naruto Sexy Jutsu interaction against common tactics of grooming used by predators on young people, not to make fun of statutory rape.

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