Soul Soup with Dr. Janette Freeman
Episode 13

Internal Secrets to Success! Show Up, Stand Out!

Dr. Janette Freeman published on

Show Up and STAND OUT! 
Learn more internal secrets of success today...

Sometimes when we think of 'standing out,' we think of gregarious personalities, far-out clothes, or doing outrageous things.

But the fact is, when we have a positive and service oriented mindset and a peaceful presence, we can really stand out. (Right?)

Being the one at home or in business that can add a positive outlook, supportive and encouraging words, and a general peaceful spirit to any environment will absolutely STAND OUT. Because its rare, and its NEEDED.

In order to be the one that can stand out in that way, we need to work on our own internal skills and practices. 

This message and Process takes you on the journey from Insufficiency Perception to Being Perception.  That changes everything.  Get Present NOW

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