Soul Soup with Dr. Janette Freeman
Episode 52

Releasing the Old and Opening to the New Year 2019

Dr. Janette Freeman published on


Releasing the Old and Opening to the New Year 2019 

Clear up your 'stuff' that has been arising so that you can move into the New Year (new energies.)  Specifically related to not taking on other people's 'stuff' and having healthy boundaries.  
Have you ever been slimed?  You know, people projecting all over you and then you take it on?

In this very important show you will be led in a process to clear all energies that are not yours and clear the energies that are yours.  Return everyone to their own line and take responsibility for returning to your own line.  

The spiritual process re-empowers you by helping you align with your I AM Nature and returning everyone else to theirs.  Let go of codependency and live in personal healthy boundaries in the Light.

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