Soul Soup with Dr. Janette Freeman
Episode 30

Your Source Code Revealed on the Path of Happiness & Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Janette Freeman published on

"Your Sacred Source Code Revealed"
In this lesson you will begin to see how your Source Code can quicken your awakening and begin to give you back your authority for creating more peace and happiness. You will be given the First Source Code Meditation. 

That mind! That busy, repetitive mind. We’ve heard- ‘your thoughts create your reality,’ but those thoughts! They are hard to manage. Those thoughts are creating the perceptions, emotions and behaviors that create your life experience, but they are…

Imperfect at best… 
They are conditioned.

And- the whole process is mostly unconscious. It’s a program within a program. We’re unconsciously writing and rewriting software programs that don’t work well.

Is there another way?
Is there help for us?

Most of us have struggled with personal transformation efforts. It takes a lot of effort to change the river of programming.

Without a moment’s notice we can be triggered into a sea of emotions, running a trip and not really even aware of ‘what happened?’

There has to be help.

Perhaps we missed it when we heard it. Perhaps it was written in ‘code’ so that we would have to mature to a certain point in order to use the code with some intelligence.

Well, I believe we have come to that point, and we ARE ready to learn to use the code with more understanding and more intelligent practice.

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