Episode 27

On How The Millenial Generation was made into a Invalid (Episode 26 - The Story)

Ronixis Kenny published on

Story Starts at 28:55

Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings Have a Origin.
Moreover, they go back nearly 90 years in the past.
The original movie censorship board was created by the Catholic Church and other Denominations to keep the story of the Stork bringing children to the parents doorstep at play, but that Hays Edict hid and protected "Jim Crow" all the way and up to the truth how Islam treated women.

It also effected how comics and animation were seen in this country - and this hidden story - can now be shown it its full light.

This episode takes 90 years of history, and shows what has become our Generations many political and social fights and causes, is really the continuation of ideology that will not only break us, but also break our nation.

It has always been the misuse of data and misguided wishes of researchers, advocates, NGO's and so on that has caused more damage to our society than anything else has done, and when Government actively protects laws that don’t work, over ones that do - it causes the issues that effects whole nations and how they see people, and themselves.

It is for this reason that there are links to all of the information and also a primer to help people who wish to do the research on their own. The contact page will also be open so interviews can be conducted in the future to expand on this.

It is my hope, even though it is very little,  that this story and the research it contains, moves people past the questions of ethics (because it no longer is about that) and into the questions of misuse of modern research from the soft and hard sciences and into its outright conspiracy in order to promote censorship of not only entertainment of video games and animation, but of political and social issues and the reasons why this is the case.

Links to the Research

Links to how to use the research and to find who is connected to who:

SoundSight - On How The Millenial Generation was made into a Invalid (Episode 26 - The Story)
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