Strong Towns Podcast
Episode 222

Ask Strong Towns at CNU 23

Charles Marohn published on

Andrew Burleson and Chuck Marohn manage to waste 90 minutes talking about nothing of any real importance. There are some book recommendations, discussion on Hardcore History, a Meriwether Lewis biography and some reflection on the purpose of CNU.

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  • Eli Damon

    You mentioned the bewilderment that some people feel over the fact good buildings to automatically make a vibrant community. To me, this seems obvious. A community is not a thing; it's a process. Things like buildings can facilitate the process, but they can't be an end in themselves. Any intervention needs be approached with a mind toward how it will change the dynamic operation of the community, not about how things will look in a snapshot of the community at some instant.

    I have done a little work as a personal organization consultant, and I often feel dismayed when I hear people talk about organization as a state you can be in or not be in. They think that getting organized means straightening up, deciding where everything goes, buying all kinds of storage aids, etc. They create a system that's so complicated, so burdensome, so incompatible with their lifestyle or temperament, that they can't maintain it, and their is back to being a mess in a few months. It doesn't matter how perfect your space looks once you've arranged everything perfectly if your process hasn't changed or if your process is incompatible with your lifestyle or temperament.. What you need to do is first design a process that will work for you, and only then start making physical changes that will facilitate your new process.