Strong Towns Podcast
Episode 200

Show 200 Q&A

Charles Marohn published on

For our 200th show, we asked listeners to submit questions for Chuck to answer. 

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  • Seth Zeren

    Chuck, really enjoyed this podcast. And I very much appreciate your thinking around social change, both in the biblical period and today. I'd almost wonder if there's room for some Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions as well, which is another way of looking at social change and paradigm switching in response to the over accumulation of contradictory data. More to the point, seeing ourselves in the roll of operationalizing the message of hopeful change and traditional urbanism, making it actionable is a great way to describe our challenge. It parallels what we're trying to do with our local elected leaders fellowship here--it's not enough to have "the right answer" on how to redesign a street or rewrite the zoning ordinance; we have to be able to convince our peers (neighbors, professionals, elected officials). So we need to be more willing to engage on the political level of how do we make these ideas actionable, how do we meet people where they are and then explode their political consciousness into a new attitude toward community and change... it's nice to be alive in interesting times!

  • Charles Marohn

    Thanks Seth. I've had Kuhn's work sitting on my desk for at least five years and never pulled the trigger. I know I need to. Thanks for the push and the feedback.