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Thor: Ragna-Rock (Star Wars Celebration, RefundS on Digital Xbox One Games & Peak TV) SCS: 25

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The Squad discusses all the news from a galaxy far, far away given to us from the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida.  Johnnie and Garrett get crap from Joshua on The Last Jedi media blackout they are in.  The squad also dives into the first Thor: Ragnarok trailer and Johnnie gives a very surprising reaction to the reveal.  What is Peak TV and why is it bad for media consumers?  Garrett drives to Arizona for one day, Johnnie loses sleep to an infant and Joshua's playing Zelda.  

Super Co-op Squad  is a weekly talk show all about discussing gaming, comics and the movies and TV's show that spawn from them with unique perspective, from the minds of three very different gamers. SCS is a crew of three friends who love chopping it up about games and all the media they love and thought, "Hey, we do this all the time anyway so lets do it in a podcast!".  Join the Super Co-op Squad as they talk about current gaming trends, upcoming titles, movies & more,  and give their  (mostly) unbiased opinions on everything from the current state of gaming to which Marvel and DC movies are best! Transformers, Wolverine, Batman, King Kong, nothing is off the table.  Come and enjoy great banter between great friends about all the topics you love (and love to hate) each week!

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