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Thor: Ragnarok Casting News & Preacher 101 'Pilot' Review

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(Recorded May 25th, 2016) Kova and Steven review the latest DC/Warner Bros, Paramount, and Marvel news before reviewing the pilot episode of AMC's Preacher!

DC / Warner Bros. / CW
Calista flockhart may not return as series regular in supergirl due to filming locations. She lives and works in LA while filming is in Vancouver 
Supergirl to air Monday. Flash Tuesday. Arrow Wednesday and legends Thursday this fall all at 8pm
Kevin Smith might write some episodes of arrow
Tom cavanagh who plays Wells says Snyder made a huge mistake not giving grant gustin a chance to audition for the movie version of flash 
Dead robin in BvS confirmed as Jason Todd

Drops lawsuit against Kickstarter Star Trek project

Star Wars episode 8 title rumor leaked
Video descriptions with visuals leaked with descriptions and names of characters

Deadpool movie takes #1 spot over force awakens in home release sales. 
Ron Perlman wants to play Cable
Posted by Joe sim in nerd central: "He wanted realistic, three-dimensional acting and feared reading weird, dumb baby comics would possess the actors into performing "over-the-top" and thus killing believability. Because when you're making a movie about a 160-year-old man with giant steel claws and a flying woman who can control the sweather by shouting, "WEATHER, DO THE THING NOW," you absolutely must be subtle about it."

- quote about Bryan Singer banning comics from the set of X-Men
RUMOR nerdist reports Reavers will be one of villains in wolverine 3
Marvel Studios
Michael Keaton back in the mix as villain for Spider-Man honeycoming. CONFIRMED BY DEADLINE DEAL IS DONE. He will play vulture 
Civil war passes $1 billion in worldwide box office 
Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, & Mark Ruffalo join the illustrious cast!
Black Panther characters

Carrie-Ann Moss added to Iron fist 
Starting September, Disney movies exclusive

Preacher S01E01 Pilot

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