Swagger Swerve

Episode 29

Fan of the show Shameless? Then you must’ve heard Grand Am’s music

GEOFF Antonio published on

“I found out what it was like to have a career in a field that you’re not completely passionate about. I spent a lot of my free time and my time after hours working on music and learning production and engineering and all that stuff. I think a few years in another field made me really realize how much I wanted to do music. I think having that experience really solidified it for me.” – James Panepinto


What You Will Learn:


·         How his knowledge in production has helped him develop his music


·         How to form a solid group like Grand Am reaching out to an artist you are a fan of


·         The value of getting outside input when creating music.


·         How to find the most creative time of day for you and take advantage of that time


·         How it helps to have a company to take care of the licensing and presenting your music in front of new fans


·         How to never give up, you might be one rejection away from getting that connection you need


“Continuing to work through those hurdles and be committed the end goal was a valuable learning experience for me despite the endless rejection that you get in the film and tv world.” – James Panepinto


New music is in the works for Grand Am and new releases are expected this coming spring. They are constantly recording new songs and numerous live shows, festival dates this summer are in their plans.


Catch Grand Am online:


Website: www.grandammusic.com


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