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Episode 13

Swagger Swerve with Emmy winning Music Producer / Film Composer Jamie Lawrence, Jack of all Trades teaches us to Just Say Yes!

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Jamie Lawrence is an award-winning composer, music director, and producer. The compositions and arrangements by Jami Lawrence have been honored five times with the greatest music awards, the Emmy Awards. He has produced and orchestrated the scores for numerous documentary films mostly for the HBO.

Jamie got his inspiration from his father who directed the music for two Broadway productions, “Bye Bye Birdie” and “How to Succeed in Business”. At a very young age, he started off with his passion for music by playing the drums, piano, and cello.

When he is not making music for the film world, he still makes music, but for children. He has a sideline as writer and performer of the songs specially made for children. His very first collection of children songs, “Bad Mood Mom and other Good Mood Songs,” made it to Parents’ Choice Foundation’s list of the top children’s CDs.

If you are looking to take your career to a whole new level, Jamie has some really cool tips to share with young musicians in the industry. He recommended, “Just Say Yes and Fake it till you Make it!” Jamie believes in seizing the moments and grabbing the opportunities. His idea is to keep it interesting when you are going through a slow phase in life and not to wait for it to come to you. You will get to your destinations and if the path seems like a slower country road, think about the opportunity of not missing out on the beauty around you that may inspire you, which you may have missed if you are moving hastily on a freeway.

Jamie is a morning person. He suggested dealing with the rather unimportant things first in the morning so you can have a free mind to stay focused throughout the rest of the day. He told that yoga really helped him keep himself balanced. Catch our latest episode and listen Jamie talk about how you can apply yoga to clear your mind and how he was able to break into scoring for films, TV, and documentaries.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Jamie’s story of getting into the music business and his continuous success

  • The highs and lows of the business and how to handle it!

  • Why he he never a limited himself to one specialty and how that keeps it interesting and inspiring

  • The value of building a strong reputation and “just say yes”

  • How that reputation has kept his phone ringing

  • How yoga helps to clear a busy mind

  • Get the stupid stuff done 1st thing to clear out your day for the more important things

  • And SO much more!

  Ladies and Gents, Let's officially Swagger then Swerve!

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