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Episode 15

Swagger Swerve with music artist Alex Clare who always kept the Faith during the Highs and Lows and his journey with album Three Days at Greenmount

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Welcome to our latest newsletter, we hope have helped to you keep updated with our latest news. This week, we bring you Alex Clare – successful international singer and songwriter


  • How he got email asking if he would let Microsoft use his music for a commercial and that changed his entire career with that one chance!

  • How R+B artist Bill Withers influenced his career and he enjoyed "Still Bill" Documentary on Bill's career.

  • His new album "Three Days in Greenmount" shows how if your music sounds great acoustically can make you have a good song.

  • How is fathers Jazz Records influenced his early music years

  • How he made his original sound fusing Soul with UK Garage Dubstep

  • A man faithful to his religion of Judaism and how it has played an important part of keeping the faith in his career

  • How an "overnight" success is many years in the making, just takes 1 big opportunity to have it fall into place

  • No rules to songwriting, just variances of influences, emotions and moods that have infinite variances

  • Focuses on Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus and Middle Section when writing

Born and raised in Bromley, South London, Alex is back in town to promote his new album "3 Days at Greenmount", a great reflective album of soulful and reflective songs. 

Earlier in his career Alex was down on his luck because he vowed to not work on religious holidays, this put him under pressure to keep marketing his record while keeping his principles. At that time his career seemed to be reaching a crossroads. When he was merely weeks away from not making it, Microsoft sent him an e-mail with a proposition to use his “Too Close” song for a commercial. After he agreed to let them use his song, it became the 80th most Shazamed search of all time. Alex has found his own path of making music with an individuality that expressed across his album “Three Days in Greenmount”. The album showed that if your music sounds great acoustically, then you have a good song. This album is a new rendering of his songs, coming straight from his heart. He is currently touring to promote his new album. 

Check out Alex's tour dates and info on his new album here:





Some of his earlier memories musically were singing along Bill Withers. Alex loved the sound of R+B and Soul. Alex grew up listening to his father’s jazz records, he took up the drums and a trumpet as a teenager, but after reaching adulthood, he shifted his focus towards guitar-based songwriting. He was drawn towards soul artists like Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, which eventually led his interest to shift towards drum and bass, dubstep, and UK garage. According to Alex, there are no rules in songwriting, it’s just variances of moods, influences, and emotions.

Catch our latest episode and listen to Alex Clare talk about his inspirations and how his religion played an important part in his career.

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