Swagger Swerve

Episode 11

Swagger Swerve with Music Producer Gemini, an amazing producer/writer from Israel shows us how to Live Your Dreams and Destroy Fear

GEOFF Antonio published on

My guest today is Gemini is the ultra talented songwriter and producer. Gemini has worked with so many legends in the business Poo Bear, Justin Beiber, Mario, Christina Milan, Snoop Dogg, Taboo and many more.  In this episode we delve in to what makes him tick and how he has defeated all obstacles in his rise to success. Gemini does not make excuses, he takes action. There is something to be said about having a winning personality and being likeable to defeat your competition. This is something we can learn from him. 

His aha moment come after getting his music on the radio in Israel as a teenager.  From there he had massive success in his home country but then decided to go all the way and journey to LA to make his mark on Hollywood. When you lisen to his interview you will be inspired and relealize you have no excuses either. 

Ladies and Gentlemen and Gemini,


COMING at you from LA

                                                      Thank you for joining me, now lets officially Swagger then Swerve

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