Swagger Swerve

Episode 24

Swagger Swerve with the Legendary Bobby Borg: Want to know how to handle your Music Publishing? You don't want to miss this Episode

GEOFF Antonio published on


  • The ever-evolving ways of how people buy and listen to music and the challenge it comes to publishing

  • How important to listen to critiques and learn from them when writing a song. Doing your research, interview and survey your target audience for music trends and preferences.

  • Know your competition and find out what your advantage is.

  • Best practices of songwriting. Learn how to connect to people with your songs/lyrics.

  • How do collaborators should approach copyright and copyright law.

  • How music artists can promote their own songs and how you have to think “outside of the box”. Hear success stories that taught us creative ways of how they got their break by thinking outside of the box.

  • The reality of the business side of music and how he learned about it as an artist.


Aside from “Intro to Music Publishing”, Bobby also has a course called “DIY music marketing”, also available on groove3.com.

Catch Bobby online:




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