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Episode 8

Deathmatch News Radio Ep. 8

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Steven and Mike from Deathmatch News Radio #8 discuss all the news for the week of October 18th, 2018

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On this episode we have a real treat as we start with an interview with the one and only Mad Man Pondo. Pondo has been a staple of the US deathmatch scene since the mid-90's but he also played an important role with Big Japan from 2001 until 2008. With Pondo we discuss
-How he became involved
-The relationship between Kojika and Zandig
-What was Van Hammer doing in Big Japan?
-Why CZW pulled out and how he stayed after
-What does it mean to be the “gaijin boss”
-Yamakawa's brain injury
-Matsunaga and how he helped Pondo
-And a ton more

This is only part 1 of our Pondo interview so come back for the second part next week.

After that we go over the news of the week including

-GCW being forced to change LA Arenas
-IWA Midsouth's turmoil, lying to fans, stealing money and talent leaving
-CZW turning a corner?
-Upcoming H20 and GCW cards
-Deathmatch Wrestling in Italy
-Lots of Lucha news as always
-And more

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