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Episode 5

English Tea & Biscuits at Tournament of Death

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Fresh out of TOD 16, Shaheen gives Jay Cat Morris and Boxman his thoughts and reviews CZW's Tournament of Death 16.

The 16th annual Tournament of Death will take place June 10th, 2017. This tournament will mark the debut Tournament of Death for John Wayne Murdoch, Shlak, G-Raver and Clint Margera. This is also the first mainstream Tournament of Death Jimmy Havoc will compete in, having wrestled in ToD Europe as a member of Westside Xtreme Wrestling.

  • Shlak
  • Jeff Cannonball
  • John Wayne Murdoch
  • Masada
  • Conor Claxton
  • G-Raver
  • Jimmy Havoc
  • Rickey Shane Page
  • Clint Margera

Non-Tournament Match

 1.     Four Corners Of Pain: Dan O'Hare vs. George Gatton and Jimmy Loyd and Kit Osbourne

2.     Fans Bring The Weapons Match: Matt Tremont vs. Mad Man Pondo

3.     Scaffold Match: Danny Havoc & Alex Colon vs. Notorious Inc (Devon Moore/Kit Osbourne and Drew Blood)

First Round

1.     Pain in the Glass Match: Jimmy Havoc vs. John Wayne Murdoch and Rickey Shane Page

2.     Lightubes and Cinder Blocks Death Match: Jeff Cannonball vs. G-Raver

3.     Doorway To Death Match: Masada vs. Shlak

4.     Barbed Wire Craziness Death Match: Conor Claxton vs. Clint Margera

Round Two

1.     Summertime Fun Death Match: Conor Claxton vs. Jeff Cannonball

2.     Light Tubes Treachery Match: Jimmy Havoc vs. Masada


1.     No Ropes, No Canvas, Barbed Wire & Light Tube Deathmatch Match: Jimmy Havoc vs. Conor Claxton


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