THT Podcast
Episode 113

Fear & Loathing in TNA

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This week’s show is a little different than the previous ones. We barely talk RAW, but we still had a shitload of topics to go over, as well as some new segments to the show that we introduced.

Some of the topics include:

·         Brock Lesnar in the UFC

·         #‎BeatUpJohnCena

·         We're gonna review Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy (Full Commentary while watching the match for the first time).

·         WWE not giving a shit about Ambrose.

·         Who's headed to TNA & who's coming back to the WWE?

·         Cruiserweight Tournament & some Indy Talk.

·         Bret Hart hates Triple H

·         New Day & The Wyatts

·         Orton vs. Brock?

·         Terry Funk is back in action @ the age of 72.

·         Doug Hummer reviews an old shitty episode of WCW Nitro and of course, we take calls.

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