Tech Director Chat
Episode 20

Making Technology Run Smoothly in the Classroom

Ben Rimes published on

A weekly chat tackling the issue of educational technology from both sides. Ben Rimes, a former teacher turned educational technologist, chats with Pete Poggione, an Information Technology Professional from the private sector turned School IT Director.

March is now in full swing, the weather is warming, the sun is shining, and we couldn't be more excited to share talk about technology grants, and how we're approaching new teacher laptop upgrades! We also spend some time talking about how to make technology run more smoothly in your classroom. Pete tackles the technical side, and Ben shares a technique that served me well for introducing new applications or websites to students; and helped me learn alongside the students!

Timestamps for this week's questions:

1:00 What has Pete been up to?

1:35 How is Pete doing with his ongoing chats with teachers?

2:30 Pete is repairing iPads?

4:45 Nancy wants to know, are there any technology grants out there to apply for?

8:00 Ben finally gets around to answering Nancy’s question about technology grants from MPEF, Meemic, and Donors Choose.

10:03 JW asks if we can improve the speed of our next teacher laptop purchases.

10:55 JW also asks if we can entertain the idea of MacBook Airs for teachers?

13:00 Andrew wants to know, what can teachers do to make technology run smoothly?

15:00 Ben asks Pete to narrow down his advice to one thing to help technology run smoothly.

17:40 Ben shares his big tip for making technology run smoothly in the classroom.

20:00 Stump Pete!

20:35 Who or what is the next big thing in music?


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