The After Midnight Podcast
Episode 65

The Murder of Kim Wall

Denny Luis published on

With no guest this week, we take a look at an ongoing murder case that was sent into us by listener Lars Christian Detlefsen from Denmark. In the middle of this mystery, an eccentric engineer named Peter Madsen who rose to local celebrity status for building his own submarine through crowdfunding and a young journalist with a promising future named Kim Wall. The two met on August 10th for an interview aboard Madsen’s submarine, the UC3 Nautilus. It was the last time Kim Wall would be seen alive. Kim Wall’s decapitated torso would be found almost 15 days later but what happened to her still remains a mystery. Why did Peter Madsen’s statements change over time? Did he murder Kim Wall or was it an accidental death? What caused the UC3 Nautilus to sink? How did Kim Wall become decapitated? We discuss all this and more.


The After Midnight Podcast - The Murder of Kim Wall
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