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Episode 8

To "honor the way I feel, but to be moving in a new direction"- Yoga for Mental Health

Kera Marie published on

When I first met Savannah Ganzalez, I was in a pretty emotionally messed up space. I fist walked into her yoga class because I had accumulated enough running injuries that I finally had to look for some other form of exercise.  I had never done yoga before, but I soon realized that yoga could be so much more than a new exercise routine.  Through Savannah's personalized yoga therapy sessions I was being addressed as a mind, body and a soul, rather than in disected, compartmentalized pieces of me.  

Savannah takes us through her personal discovery of and changing relationship with yoga- how it provided the escape she needed when in the peak of depression and anxiety and now how she uses specific movements and breathing to address specific states of mind and mental health.  What a small thing breathe seems, and yet what a difference even that makes!

Check out Savannah's on line classes!

Grab your yoga mat and follow this video session!

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