The Bucket Seat
Episode 18

Tamir, Porsche, Magnus - Part 1

trevor byrne published on

In part 1 of 2 I speak with Tamir Moscovic. Many of you will know him as the man responsible for Urban Outlaw, Kaz, Ayrton's Wish, Painting Coconuts, and many other great pieces of auto and non auto film.

In this episode we delve into the moments that inspired Tamir’s interest in cars, then move into some of his past and present personal vehicles. A 1974 911 RS which was heavily inspired by the '87 RUF CTR Yellowbird, and a 914 that Magnus Walker set him up with. Warning: these are drool inducing moments. The Porsche Passion runs deep with Tamir, and I love it. 

Part 2 will focus primarily on the making of Urban Outlaw, and Kaz. We also get a peak into Magnus Walker's life, and his friendship with Tamir. Stay tuned !

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