The Extra Mile
Episode 1

Testing Cars

Dan Roth published on

Today is the first full day of spring. And yet, here in New England, there's still frigid temperatures and snow in the forecast. The winter is hanging on even more than usual. The New England Motor Press Association just tallied the votes for the 2014 Offical Winter Vehicle of New England. Ride along with me for the test day and get some insight into what it means to own Winter and how it matters to automakers and journalists alike.

The Extra Mile - Testing Cars
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  • Lavell Riddle

    Great Podcast! From this first Podcast it is distinctively different than your other work, making it two very exciting non-Vanilla flavors to look forward too.

    Its funny because the characteristics of my car has noticeably changed over our (Michigan) long winter, were the years before I hadn't notice the difference; since I switched to FWD from RWD over 10 years ago. I'm glad there is an award for the winter, because that's more catered to the Snow-belt than "everyone's" yearly top 10 awards.

    However this award has also saddened me because I'm not in the economical bracket to have an exclusive winter car... or the ability to live away from the cold winter season in the Midwest. What I have picked up on from your podcast's is that my next vehicle will have winter tires/wheels and summer wheels and tires. I wish that was an option from the manufacture to get winter tires with factory wheels, so I can can get some custom wheels with summer tires of my liking.

    The next award should be the "best year-round vehicle", with a serious concentration on the winter season. I find it that winter vehicles are boring. Like it was said in the podcast I would love to have a 911 Carrera 4 Targa for my all season car if I could afford it. Seems like the Jeep's, Subaru's, and Volvo's would clean up on this award, but again those vehicles don't speak to me because they don't engage my driving excitement when the weather is nice out. I love vehicles that feel light weight but plated with a taunt steering feel to them. Feel's like my only mildly obtainable option is some Quattro from Audi..., I hope my only choice isn't the tight interior of A3.

    Keep up the great work Dan!!!

  • Jamil Mizirawi

    Wow. i love this podcast and the style it was done in. it reminds me of an npr type format that is so easy to follow along with. keep it up. I will keep listening.