The FAST OC Podcast
Episode 6

Drive By Bayonetting

Ian Wright published on

In this packed episode Lance invents a new crime that California legislation has already solved, we are all stunned that the media could be biased and ponder on how a Brit got enough practice to hold the record for longest sniper shot.

We also cover long range shooting and the Marines on the show get excited about a scope. We then discuss exactly how the ban on guns in the UK came about and compare it to how mass shootings in the U.S are dealt with.

The podcast ends with a story you could not make up.

Links discussed in the show:

H&K VP9 Polymer Semi Auto Pistol

Schmidt - Bender PM II Scopes  

Homeowner Calls 911 And Is Transferred To Voicemail

Operation Fast And Furious

Book: The Unarmed Truth: My Fight to Blow the Whistle and Expose Fast and Furious

Ranger SXT Defense Ammunition

Hornady Critical Defense  - Truth About Guns review 

The Apendix Carry Incident


Some special thanks goes out to Rob Morse at the Polite Society Podcast and Slow Facts blog for help fixing with an audio issue. Thanks mate!


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