The FAST OC Podcast
Episode 5

Feinstein Ate My Hamster

Ian Wright published on

In this episode Ian reads a poem about firearms, Jeremy realizes that the common denominator for his Springfield XD failing is Ian’s presence, Lance goes on an epic rant and FAST OC has a new service it will not actually be providing to help you get used to having your guns loaded.


There's no main topic this month as our new section inspires a long conversation and several rants.


Links discussed in the show:

Concealed Carriers Stop Shooting At Mall

Restaurant Posts No Guns Sign Then Gets Robbed At Gunpoint

Arizona Cop Told Not To Wear Uniform At Daughters School.

Justices Rule Police Do Not Have A Constitutional Duty To Protect.

Antoinette Tuft Talks Down Georgia School Gunman


FAST OC's Muppet Of The Month Award goes to:

Rep. Peter King (NY - Republican) for using the dead to push his political agenda.

The list of gun laws California has stacked on top of each other:

1. California already has universal background checks on private transactions.

 2. California already has a 10 day waiting period on firearms transfers. 

3. California already has a mental health database that is used to construct a list of prohibited persons. 

4. California already has magazine limits. 

5. California already limits the types of firearms that can be purchased and owned. 

6. In most areas of California, especially urban areas, concealed carry is all but banned. Santa Barbera is effectively no issue.

7. California guns have to be transported unloaded and in a locked box.

8. Approved handguns only - we have a “safe gun” list.


Emails And Questions:


Hello everyone, I am fairly new to owning guns. I have started by getting some training but having trouble getting over the barrier of keeping my Glock loaded as it doesn’t have a safety. I also want to get my carry permit soon so have you any advice about getting used to having a loaded gun on your person?


Thanks for the podcast, I like the way you are approaching it with the new shooter in mind.




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