The FAST OC Podcast
Episode 8

Semper Fidelity

Ian Wright published on

Well, we’re back and we bring the answers the question "Where the hell have you been?".

Once that's dealt with there’s some compelling firearms podcasting as Lance and Ian see if they can hold a .308 round in their beards, we find out why Richy has “Peruta” tattoo’d down his arm, and we can not remember for a the life of us what Mom’s actually Demand.

We bring news on the Peruta case (CCW in 9th Circuit), and of course the legal system being what it is... that all changed the next day as Kamala Harris sticks her oar in again to delay things.

We apologise for the lower than usual recording quality, it's the first time we have recorded with all of us in the same room from one mic and the recording process could do with a little tweaking.

Show notes:

The Peruta Case - Challenging The California "Good Cause" Requirement.

The Calguns Foundation - CCW Information Centre 

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