The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast
Episode 35

Neron & The Underworld

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On our newest episode and latest entry into a social media crossover, Best Event Ever 2018, Martian Manhunter traverses Heaven and Hell to confront the Faustian evil of Neron, the heretical arch-cherub Asmodel, and is introduced to the fallen angel Zauriel. We cover Underworld Unleashed #1-3 (1995,) Justice League Task Force #30, The Flash #127-129 (1999), Rogues Gallery, JLA #6-7 (1997), 35 (1999), & 60 (2002), and JLA: Paradise Lost, featuring creators including Mark Waid, Mark Millar, Christopher Priest, J.M. DeMatteis, Howard Porter, Angel Olivetti and more (one of whom has a brief cameo appearance here.) We also look at the 1995 card set SkyBox DC Villains: Dark Judgment and other related DC offerings.

Underworld Unleashed #BestEventEver


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The Idol-Head of Diabolu Podcast - Neron & The Underworld
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