The Intellectual Diversity Podcast
Episode 1

Introduction: Why Intellectual Diversity?

John Tangney published on

In episode 1 John talks about how intellectual diversity became a topic of interest to him.

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  • Thanks for sharing your story with us Dr. Tangney. What an absolute outrage that anyone who does not sing from far left hymnals with sufficient gusto no longer has any hope of a successful career in Academia, and if he is a white hetero male will be fortunate to land a job in Siberia. This situation has no hope of changing as long as the Republican party remains the cowardly champion of the status quo. Far Left academics have many friends in high places in the Media and the Judiciary, and they would immediately spring into action if any political party did what was necessary to put the brakes on their agenda: complete taxpayer de-funding of their indoctrination centers. Stay in touch Dr. T. We look forward to hearing much more from you. :)