The Kasanova Podcast
Episode 11

THE Kasanova Podcast Episode 11: An Open Forum On My Thoughts Of The World Around Me

Mekel Kasanova™ published on

In this episode of the podcast I am stepping outside of the standard topics of gaming to talk about some other things that I have really been thinking about lately from politics to government policies to tribalism in America and why I think its time I gave my thoughts on the world in which I live. As a warning I am a Conservative and just by saying that may anger many on my viewpoint but it is what it is and I am ok with that. I am about freedom of speech and the companion to that freedom is being willing to be tolarant of those who's viewpoints may not be the same as yours and be willing to at times agree to disagree and at other times try and find common ground. We live in a day and age where freedom of speech and just many freedoms in general are being stripped away and silenced and censored in efforts to become "Politically Correct" and thats not a future or reality that I am comfortable with at all.......please enjoy this episode as I am trying something new with this.

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