The Men who Stare at Movies Podcast
Episode 24

Mission Impossible: Fallout... Tom Cruise runs in this one

J. Tovey published on

That’s right, the Men who Stare at Movies are reviewing an actual movie this time! Also, Dave Bautista is getting himself into hot water with Disney, and Black Panther has broken new records.


1:00 – Carrie Fisher will appear in Star Wars Episode IX via The Force Awakens stock footage

3:10 – Dave Bautista won’t work with Disney if they don’t use James Gunn’s script

6:48 – Disney is working on new Pirates of the Carribean movie

10:56 – Black Panther has become third film ever to make $700M at US box office

12:57 – Ant Man and the Wasp will be the last MCU movie on Netflix

15:45 – Warner Bros working on Supergirl movie script

Feature Presentation: Mission Impossible: Fallout

17:48 – Non-Spoilers

32:22 – Spoilers

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