The Off Camber Podcast
Episode 1

The Less Than Grand Tour

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Welcome to the Off Camber podcast! in our inaugural episode, we set the stage, introduce ourselves, and give a brief history on how we got here. 

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  • Aidan Mahn

    First off some critiques:
    1. Greg was too far away from the mic at first.
    2. Terms like "E-bay shocks" make perfect sense to you guys, and probably 3 other dudes in Turlock, but until Leonard explained it a little more it was unclear to me what you meant. It's fine to include inside jokes and inventive terms like this - I think it adds a nice personal/humorous touch to the podcast - but it would help to define it for the audience as you go along.
    3. Overall the podcast seemed to ramble. It seemed like you intended to talk about how each of you became a petrol head, and then let it roll from there. I'd suggest one of the first things bring up in your podcast is a brief overview of the topics that will be covered for the session. It'll help your audience engage with what you're talking about, and it also might help you guys keep a focus on the conversation.
    4. I know it's Off Camber's first podcast, but you guys seem so stiff at first! A few minutes in and it's clear everyone's speaking from a passionate place. But, if after a brief rehearsal of the topics beforehand you guys are still find it hard to relax, just have a couple beers right before recording, and maybe drink a few more while conducting the session. That's what I'd do.

    Thanks! Loved hearing from you guys again! Looking forward to the next installment.

  • Off Camber

    Hi Aidan, thank you for giving our venture a shot.

    1. This was our first shot, and we have since improved our mic setup. The voice issues should be gone by episode 2.

    2. Duly noted. We will attempt to explain inside terms in the future.

    3/4. This will improve. We experimented with a couple show formats, the one we settled on was a tech/theory split. We did not have that format for the first episode, and I think that after recording a couple episodes we will come into our own. I feel that we even started to improve as compared to the start of the podcast on the first episode, I am confident that we will get this formula down. None of us are presenters, we are trying hard to fill the role a little better.

    Thank you so much for the feedback, Your car history is intertwined with ours, I still get some of the best car stories from Greg as related to his time with you in Japan. So if you ever feel like coming on as a guest, we would love to have you!