The Rag Company Podcast
Episode 64

Detailing Interiors: Nooks & Crannies | DETALKS CLASSICS

Dane Hennen published on

What happens when you do a FULL interior detail? You find things! Cash, coins, pens, and more receipts than you know what to do with. However, what about the less fun things?...hidden stains, dirt, MOLD?

In today's detalks, our pro detailers discuss the surprising side and gritty side of interior detailing. Cleaning around interior seats or removing car seats is a preference among many detailers. Which is more work? And which tools are needed? Dann likes to use a dry carpet steamer for most seat cleaning and stain removal. Levi prefers a crevice tool on a vacuum and a few microfiber towels and cleaning solutions. While there is no best method of interior detailing, it all comes down to tools and methods that YOU do best with.

Watch the episode here:

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