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Episode 89

NEW Rupes Microfiber Polishing Pads | DETALKS

Dane Hennen published on

Rupes has just released their new line of microfiber cutting and polishing pads and DETALKS is here to give you the first look! Rupes Marketing Manager Dylan Von Kleist joins Levi Gates to explain the new improvements! For anyone that has used microfiber cutting and polishing pads (especially with a powerful Rupes Bigfoot) then you know that things get HOT. What happens when things get hot? Nothing. Paint correction happens the fastest and safest when the surface is cool. A hot hood isn't going to correct properly and your microfiber pads are going to get gunked up. The NEW Rupes pads have a new manufacturing process with added vents to keep them cool while in use. The pads are now available for you LHR15, LHR21, and LHR75.

Want to see more Rupes products? Check out their site!

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Guests: Dylan Von Kleist Recorded by Dane Hennen & Anthony Fisher Edited by Anthony Fisher

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