The Rag Company Podcast
Episode 111

Renny Doyle Joins P&S Detailing Products | DETALKS

Dane Hennen published on

Renny Doyle has teamed up with P&S Detailing products to bring you "Double Black." These products were created and tested by both Renny and P&S with a focus on efficiency, durability, and style. Levi Gates and Renny Doyle discuss the events that lead to the Renny Doyle Signature line. The line includes a handful of awesome products, but I think the general consensus is that "Bead Maker" is everyone favorite! They talk about making relationships in the industry and how coworkers can quickly turn into family.

Want to learn more about Renny? Check out his site!

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Host: Levi Gates & Renny Doyle Recorded by: Dane Hennen & Anthony Fisher Edited by : Anthony Fisher

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