The Rag Company Podcast
Episode 119

The Detailing Sniper (feat. Dylan von Kleist) | DETALKS

Dane Hennen published on

On this special edition of "Between Two Detailers," Levi and Dylan talk about the ever-present "Detailing Sniper." It's obnoxiously easy for someone to sit behind a keyboard and make a negative comment, especially in the detailing world. Now were these people there at the time of the detail? Perhaps when the video or picture was taken? Of course not! However, that doesn't stop them from giving their input that helps nobody but their ego. So in honor of the haters, Levi and Dylan discuss these wonderful people and the drive behind the "Detailing Sniper."

To read Dylan's article, Go HERE.

What are your thoughts about detailing snipers? Are YOU a detailing sniper? Let us know in the comments!

Host: Levi Gates Guest: Dylan von Kleist Recorded by: Dane Hennen, Anthony Fisher Edited by: Dane Hennen

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