The Rag Company Podcast
Episode 77

Water Spot Removal | DETALKS

Dane Hennen published on

Are water spots harmless? Hardly. Our Pro Detailers discuss the presence of water spots in car detailing and the damage that mineral deposits can cause! Levi Gates is joined by the Optimum team to discuss proper water spot removal from paint, glass, and other automotive surfaces. Battling hard water can be a full time task depending on how you wash your car or if sprinklers seem to target you. The difference between hard water and rain is that hard water carries mineral deposits that dry white and can possibly etch your paint. Paint etchings caused by hard water are typically removed by a mineral deposit remover, vinegar, or by polishing the paint. The deeper water spot etchings may even require a heavier compound. Not all water is created equal and timely removal of hard water is key to keeping your car paint pristine.

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Guests: Levi Gates, Yvan Lacroix and Dann Williams Recorded by Dane Hennen & Anthony Fisher Edited by Dane Hennen

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