The Reel Zodiac
Episode 17

BONUS Episode: Avengers: Endgame Discussion

Shawn Quinton published on

Hello! Welcome to the first ever BONUS Reel Zodiac episode! We are joined today by Amanda Albers, Brooke Daugherty, Wayne Brunious, and Steven Farshid. We discuss spoilers heavily throughout this episode along with our theater experiences, favorite OG Avengers, random questions, and Brooke's own designs! All information about Brooke's online shop is in the show notes here. We had a blast discussing this film considering it is one of the most grandeur experiences in our time! Sit back relax and listen to this UNEDITED discussion of Avengers: Endgame! 



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Intro Voice-Over: Jared Gafford


Brooke's Link for shirts discussed in the Episode:


Brooke's Twitter: @brookita37

Brooke's Online Shop's Twitter: @Fleur_de_Lou

Amanda's Twitter: amanda__betty

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