The Reel Zodiac
Episode 4

Freddy Vs Jason

Shawn Quinton published on

On this episode, again the guys are not alone. They are joined by a close personal friend of Quinton's, Anthony. Shawn shares some stories about Robert Engund (Freddy Kruger) Ken Kirzinger (Jason in this film) and Kane Hodder (Jason in previous films and his favorite Jason) and his experiences with them.


Like always they finally take a deep breath and deep dive into the movie.  They discuss all the easter eggs that tie to previous films of each series, and Shawn drops some other easter eggs along the way. Including the failed spin-off tv shows of both series.


This would be the third of three films under our Horror Sign of our Reel Zodiac. That means this is the last Horror Film the guys will be reviewing in full detail until December (we say in full because Shawn lives on horror and will take every chance to link another movie back to Horror). This also means that we will be doing our first reimagining episode next week. 


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