The Reel Zodiac
Episode 3

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Shawn Quinton published on

*****DISCLAIMER***** Shawn discusses in pretty graphic and gruesome detail REAL LIFE SERIAL KILLER and INSPIRATION for the film  Ed Gein.


On this episode Quinton and Shawn are joined by first time guest Michael Winkler. They talk about a horror convention local to Shawn in NJ. And Shawn tells a few stories about meeting the LEGEND Gunner Hansen. Then the guys finally take a deep breath and dive into the film. 


This would be the second of three films under the Horror Sign of our Reel Zodiac. That means the guys have just ONE more horror film coming for you. 


Michael's Twitter: HustlinApples

Insta: @TheReelZodiac

Twitter: @ReelZodiac


Shawn's Twitter: @Darth_Urahara

Quinton's Twitter: @Chadvader14

Intro voice over by: @JaredGafford


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